Whoa, I just can’t believe my life at this moment and time. Everything is amazing! Yeah, yeah there are things that aren’t going so good but what can I say, THATS LIFE. I love life, I love that I can say that, I love that I can realize that I love life. I’m a young college man, have a job, an amazing family, and last but not least a very gorgeous, amazing, and simply wonderful wife. Honestly she’s not my wife.. yet ;D but I feel like she is because I plan on her being that ONE. I can’t wait to be standing, waiting for her by the alter with all my friends, looking at her family, so very nervous, so very happy. I can’t wait to just see her in that beautiful, pure dress which just makes her beyond beautiful, beyond gorgeous, I can’t wait to have my breath took like the first time I actually met her. There’s so much I want to accomplish with her. I think about all I want to do with her and I tell myself “whoa whoa Antonio slow down.” I want to take her around the world, experience things couples only can dream of, I want to protect her from anything and everything. I want to be the father of her children and be able to tell them the story on how we met and how young we were, how we did all this and all that, how happy we made each other. I want to be the man she brags about to random people she doesn’t know. I want her to be proud of me for my accomplishments even if she doesn’t know that she was a big part of all of them. I want to be her best friend, the only person she can fully be herself around, someone she can be fully comfortable with. Oooooohhh I wish you guys could understand how deeply in love I am with this female. She literally is my EVERYTHING! I’m so crazy in love with her. She makes me happy. I love you my wife, my baby, my best friend, my life, my love, my everything, my shawty, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!


fuck I swear I’m manly sometimes but damn… I smile when I think about her, damn.